Sunday, August 14, 2011

Shamelessly presenting the Button Satchel

Shamelessly because it is pretty copied straight from a recent post on my One Stitch Closer to Nirvana blog... Here it is:

We do now have two more contributors (and one in process) and 8 followers at the Brightneedle Blog, so that is really cool - we are officially up and running now!
This is my my contribution to this blog; Brightneedle's Button Satchel:
Let me assure you, my hands are not of an abnormally large size, this pouch is just very, very small. The kit came without a photo or dimensions on the front cover, so as usual, I had no clue what I was buying... LOL
As you can imagine, I was a bit surprised (= long nose) when I opened up the package to find a piece of linen that was smaller than my hand to work with! Oh well, at least it meant that it was a quick stitch... A very small project for quite a bit of money, so I would probably not recommend this kit, if that is all right to say out loud - even though I do admit that it is very cute!!! Anyway, how much stuff can I really store in this pouch? Not even a lip-gloss... :-o
If you do decide to invest in the kit, be aware of the fact that the size of the linen cut is pretty much exactly as large as it needs to be, so take care when placing your stitch area. It has to be placed pretty much in the exact position that was intended for it, or you won't have any extra linen to work with in the assembly step.

Thanks for coming by and Happy Stitching,

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  1. Large hands? Here I was thinking you had hired a hand model! LOL

    You pouch is very pretty!