Monday, August 29, 2011

Pumpkin Flowers

Since Jenny has started this blog and kindly invited me to be member I went in search of my Brightneedle Design charts, patterns, kits etc.. It took me awhile to round them up. Hmmm still think I'm missing a few. Anyway I decided that this weekend was as good a time as ever to start stitching.

My first project was Pumpkin Flowers, a needlebook.

Didn't get the finishing done, but this not to bad for a weekend when I had to work. Hope to be able to show the finished needlebook soon.

(blog sig not working today).


  1. Oh Gwen - that is so pretty! I really need to get back to stitching some BN's soon. Right now, I am trying to prep for the Hare Pyns class and get a little something stitched up for my Littlest Sis' birthday. Both dead-lines are in October, so after that I'' finally be able to join in again...
    Can't wait to see how you will finish your needle-book.

  2. That's looking great, Gwen. :)